Hello Blog world!  I have been told (by my mother) that if no one were around, I would talk to a tree. Eventually … it would talk back. So, I should be able to manage this blogging business. I would like to thank Spell Check in advance for helping to avoid looking like an idiot… or at the very least, a bad speller.

I decided middle age sounded boring, so I decided to skip it and go straight to old age and then I can do what ever I want. Old people do the craziest things – this is the important part – and get away with it because they are old.

I am a makeup artist because the world has spent most of your life telling you what is wrong with you. I want to show you what is wonderful about you. I love Mary Kay products, so those are the ones I use.  There is nothing I can do for mean people, however.

I have been rollerblading for about 14 years and my music play list makes me look as if I have multiple personalities. That works for me. I can blame any mistakes on one of them.

Love the usual stuff, family, boyfriend, friends,  dog, work, shoes. Which order those fall in depends on what has happened that particular day. Except for shoes… I am never annoyed with my shoes.